Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Hair: A woman's true long-term relationship

I haven't put in a post for several weeks.
1)  Because I can be very slack.
2)  But mainly because I have been on a search and discovery mission.

Yes, that's right.  I have been delving into the very pits of female existence.  (And trust me, it isn't as gross or as sexual as that sounds.)
What I am actually referring to is HAIR.  Ladies, hold your ghd up in pride if your hair is the Sun by which your self-esteem solar system revolves around!  Be proud, because a good or bad hair day can actually impact the type of person you are today; it can impact the people around you and how you are perceived and treated.  Hell, it can be the difference between life and death.  A slight exaggeration, but I'm putting it out there, nonetheless.  And I, for one, had been having a very depressingly long parade of bad hair days.  Needless to say, it got ugly.

Let me explain.

When my parents had me, I was unfortunate enough to have inherited the unruly, curly hair gene (a.k.a frizz gene) within my infant body.  By the time I was a teenager, I had not worn my hair out of a tight plait for years.  So much so that I had given myself a premature facelift.
Until I discovered my first hair straightener.  Now, this was a BIG turning point in my young life so I will try and keep it brief:  It was black, it resembled a kitchen utensil and it had raw metal plates.  Not dissimilar to an everyday iron.  In other words, it was BAD. But I couldn't have cared less.  I was in love.

10 years down the track and, yes, in that time I have lovingly and willingly become a ghd convert, however, I no longer have thick, unruly hair.  I don't have any of the same hair I used to.  What I have now is a pathetically thin and frazzled mop in desperate need of serious rehabilitation.  Sort of like Charlie Sheen.

And now, ironically, I have been trying to find ways to make my hair thicker again!  For years I have been looking for a cure for these limp, damaged locks.  And even more recently, seeing as I live in Melbourne where humidity does not exist, my hair has now decided that it can also perform astounding acts of flatness.   And when you're hair is having a bad day, so is the rest of you.  So, as you can see, I haven't been in the best of moods lately.

That was when I realised - I have got to warn people about this! More specifically, I have to tell the younger ladies of the world before they go ahead and ruin what could have been a good thing. And after feeling very sorry for myself for the last month, I started paying more attention to the hair stylings of my local city.  And some of what I found was not pleasant:

a)  Bleaching.  Seems obvious but I am more referring to the girls I saw who are clearly of a European background who have tried to get their naturally black/brown hair to go blonde.  On top of that, also attempting to straighten the very soul out of their natural waves.  I could physically see the split ends of the young girl I stood behind at the pharmacy.  STOP THIS AT ONCE!  Enhancing your natural colour, or having foils put in for depth, I understand.  But forcing your naturally occurring brunette-ness to be the other extreme end of the colour spectrum is cruel.  And completely impossible to maintain unless you are Lady Gaga.  Which you are not.  Be proud in the beauty God gave you.  (And if you weren't blessed with anything close to manageable hair, be patient and learn to braid.)

b)  And really the main culprit - Cheap hair extensions.  They are nothing but foul, yet seem to be all the rage with the 13-20 year olds.  Yes, yes, long hair is very sexy on lots of women, and makes us look more feminine; but if you are paying $40 for synthetic crap from a guy named Lupe, which you have your bestie attach clumsily to your scalp, then you my friend, are an idiot.  Bad extensions are easily spotted, look ratty and nasty and more importantly, RIP YOUR HAIR OUT!  And I am not kidding when I say I saw 12 years olds modelling this masterpiece of bad taste.  Tsk tsk.

Girls, please!  You have got to start looking after your hair properly now!  Not in 10 years, now!  Trust me, I was a true criminal of the heat-styling kind and it got me nowhere. Work with what you naturally have.  It's the only way.   It sounds so ridiculously simple, but it needs to be said.

And if you're wondering whether or not I actually found a remedy for my own hair woes.  I did.  Sort of anyway.  Let's just say I read a LOT of forums, spoke to a LOT of hairdressers and paid a LOT LOT of money for many different products.  And what I found is:
-Massage your scalp briefly everyday, or when you remember.  I stimulates the follicles and encourages growth and natural oils to combat frizz

-Get a regular haircut.  Bet you've heard that one a thousand times, but if you do have thinning, fine or damaged hair like me, keeping it too long will only drag it down and encourage it to be more flat and limp.  Give it a good cut and you will be surprised.

-Stop using heat styling.  If you can't live without it, try and cut down like I have.  I can proudly say I now only use a blowdryer when I wash my hair and limit my straightener to two sessions a week.  Always with a thermal protector.  Give yourself a limit and stick to it!  (I have been getting very creative with my ponytails and loose buns.)  Within a month or two you'll notice a difference and it will get easier.

-Try Nioxin ranges.  Their stuff comes in different 'Systems' to combat different types of hair ailments.  And they seem to be specialists with thinning hair.  I use System 3.  The shampoo, conditioner and scalp activator do make your head tingle and feel a little uncomfortable at first, but it is meant to help stimulate growth and encourage thickness from inside the hair.  I'm no hair doctor, but it sure feels likes it's doing something!

I'll let you know how I go.  Look out for me on the next Pantene ad.....


Until next time, pretty ladies.....

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